This Monday, join us for a SALSA CLASS followed by a SALSA EVENING of pure madness!
➡️ The Program:
✅ 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.: 1 hour of lessons / we teach you the basics of salsa, connection, guidance, figures and musicality to evolve in the evening!
✅ 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.: Bim, it’s dancing!
➡️ On the decks: ⭐ of SALSA ❤️‍ in all its forms: Timba, Son, Guaguanco...
Elio Révé, la Calle real, Marc Anthony, Los VAN VAN, Manolito, Maykel Blanco, Oscar D'Leon, Willie Colon, Guayacan
➡️ Do you want to dance? meet nice people? This is the address you need:
✅ RATON is a sublime club ❤️‍ A chic bar on 2 floors and a quality restaurant where you can dine! On the menu: Sweet potato puree, butcher's cut, hamburger...
➡️ PS: For more information, there is a whatsapp group / click here:

✅ 7:30 p.m.: It's 1 hour of progressive lessons with personalized coaching for those who have 2 left feet ❤️‍! No need to book, no knowledge required, we start from scratch... We'll explain everything you need to know to dance as a couple in the evening!
✅ 8:30 p.m.: No time to waste, the evening will be intense!
✅ what if “I’m bad at dancing!
There's no problem! Our dancing taxis are here to get you started!
✅ How much is it?
Formula 1: Entrance + Cloakroom + Classes & Fiesta = €5
Formula 2: Entrance + Cloakroom + Fiesta + 1 Drink to choose from our selection = €8
Formula 3: Entrance + Cloakroom & Fiesta = 3€!

✅ This evening is part of one of the best addresses in Paris for dancing on Mondays!
It’s the weekly meeting of the Salseros of Paris!
✅ No more chatter! Join us ♦️ At RATON BUVEUR ⭐
➡️ – 31 Rue Marie-Andrée Lagroua Weill-Hallé, 75013 Paris
➡️ Le RATON is ⚡ RER C or Line 14 – Station: Bibliothèque François Mitterrand🔥

✅ More information here : Tel. 0982319353

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